October 5, 2015
2 years, 8 months and 16 days since
the event.

During the week of October 5, we will host Greenbrook Gets Fit. Our mission with this event is to teach students about healthy habits, while raising funds for Greenbrook Elementary PTO! During their weekly physical education class, the students will be participating in an activity of their choice - running 30 laps, 300 steps, or 30 minutes of continuous another activity (relay races, scooter races, jumping rope, etc.). They will also participate in interactive learning experiences covering various health and wellness topics.
A top priority at Greenbrook is to keep our students safe! Your contributions to this fundraiser will be used to do just that – to improve perimeter security by adding onto the fencing around the school. 100% of the profit from Greenbrook Gets Fit goes to help the school! Our goal is $15,000 – that is just $30 per student.